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Concrete that can help reduce electricity bills

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ACC Ltd latest introduction is the Ready Mix concrete (RMX). ACC Thermalcrete is designed to provide thermal comfort in the premises. A layer of it is applied over the top layer of the roof slab, so that the heat or cold is not directly allowed inside the building. The trapped insulation in the concrete layer provides a bed for energy control in the cement. Energy consumption is reduced to a great extent due to this mechanism.The advantage of using such a kind of cement is that it reduces the power consumption and thereby helps to save non-renewable resources. The density of Thermalcrete is lesser than the normal concrete, which makes it an easier concrete to use. Its durable and the benefits lasts a long time and it is usually a one time work.

It is used in residential as well as for industrial purposes to provide thermal comfort. It can also be used as partition walls, whenever the heavy weight needs a replacement with some cement lighter in nature. Due to its light weight property, it can also be used in high rise buildings.

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