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Contemporary Architecture & Architects in Gujarat.

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With a rich architectural heritage, Gujarat is a state with pragmatism and a progressive outlook. The present day architects in their endeavor to create individualistic built forms, represent the collective aspirations of the people while, taking a cue from the cultural legacy. Buildotech explores the works of some of these architects.

The modern design forms visible in the cities of Gujarat not only manifest the socio-political and cultural forces but also, draw upon the wisdom of architecture of yester years. Architect Pankaj Gandhi of VH Design Studio, Ahmedabad believes that architecture is all about the civilization and its evolution process which are two sides of the same coin. On the other hand, architectDipen Gada of Dipen Gada & Associates (DGA) from Vadodra follows classic minimalism which is in confirmation with the natural materials and uniqueness of each element.

The resource efficiency, energy saving & eco-friendly designs and use of traditional motifs and local crafts by Ahmedabad based architect Hiren Gandhi of Hiren Gandhi & Associates are testimony to his reference to the cultural traditions of Gujarat. Likewise, Vadodra architect Shailesh Parikh of design firm Creative Design & Management considers modernity in conjunction with the environment, function and sustainability.

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