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Corporate Museum

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Journey is an experiential museum built to keep the 85 years legacy well preserved for the future generations to appreciate and learn from. Through a multidimensional, multimedia spatial experience the museum showcases who the DS Group is and where they come from, where they are today and how we envision our future. It also seeks to introduce the new employees to this legacy and the values that the group has always abided by. Additionally, the museum familiarizes business partners, students, potential associates and others with our history, the scope of the conglomerate and its various brands.

The Project

The total covered area of the museum is around 10,000sqft. It is located in the DS group office in Noida. The space is divided in five sections, each unique in their treatments, experiences evoked and the technologies used.

The museum – Journey by DS Group is an artistic representation of the Group’s very essence and identity. Shashank Surana, Vice President, New Product Development, DS Group briefs.

It covers the largest art and design palette possible, making it not just a visual delight but a complete immersive sensory experience. The brief to the designer was to pay tribute to our founders and their fascinating passage of steadfast principles and unmatched business acumen, vision and ability to set the group and its ways, so many years ago.

The New Interface

The main feature here is the integration of a wide array of technologies into a controlled show environment. The use of music as a sound scape in the sound travels through the space using multiple speakers. Auto triggered fragrances, high realism mannequins and sets with props and dressing with Trompe-l’oeil create an accentuated look with controlled lighting and special effects. Holograms, moving screens and mechanically automated backdrops and 3600 projection integrated with set reveals talking head effects and projection mapping. All these features together are programmed through special servers into a comprehensive show experience that is new for India.

The Museum is open to the employees, invitees, media and to the public on prior request. It cannot be opened to general public, as it is a part of our corporate office. However, we do organize shows for students, corporates, and other interested public members on prior request.

The challenge

Challenge was to do justice to the grand vision. The scope of the museum has been immense since the birth of the idea. To project the grass roots-to-giant conglomerate transition within a physical space was not easy. Our mission was also to recreate a highly immersive space with narratives that would keep the visitors engaged to the Group story. The conceptualization and the creation of the museum took a tremendous amount of research and great creative vigor. Projecting a history that is long and replete with milestones, reflecting the identity of all our brands and blending the aspirations of generations past and present into a story that is both dynamic and compelling were not ordinary tasks.

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