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Corrosion Resistant Air-conditioner

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It’s a well-known fact that in locations close to the sea, metal corrodes at a faster rate because of the high salinity in the air. Corrosion mostly affects the outdoor unit of the air-conditioner, turning the sleek and shiny heat exchanger unit into a rusty clogged mess. Mild corrosion affects the efficiency of the unit and if allowed to continue further then repair costs increase. Once the corrosion is too heavy, the owners need to consider replacement costs. Businesses in the coastal areas often will send their HVAC system to be coated by a local third party, which unfortunately could be low-quality. Many manufacturers have also tried coating their products before sale, but this can increase the price exorbitantly.

The MULTI V IV Corrosion Resistance from LG Electronics builds upon the climate control capabilities of its predecessors MULTI V IV Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) lineup and offers several durability-enhancing features specifically designed for use in coastal areas. It is a solution for oceanfront environment hazards such as high salinity, excess humidity and corrosive elements brought in by strong seaborne winds as well as UV light.

The Ocean Black Fin

The product utilizing LG’s advanced Ocean Black Fin heat exchanger which is a more resistant version of the conventional heat exchanger, provides protection against corrosion and thermal efficiency.

Coating for Maximum Protection

The double-layered, double-sided Dual Protection coating provides an extra tier of protection for the air-conditioner by completely re-engineereing the product and manufacturing process to coat each core component before assembly. This is combined with a weather resistant layer to maximize the effectiveness and is applied on both the outside and inside of the core components.

Strength & Durability

LG’s MULTI V IV Corrosion Resistance has been designed with coastal usage in mind. The coating processes improvised for both the heat exchanger and the other core components before the unit is assembled, results in a more thorough coating, offering protection for a UL-certified 27 years. The model significantly lowers the total cost of ownership by maintaining high energy efficiency, reduced repair costs & replacement costs and long lifespan.

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