Tuesday , August 16 2022
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CREDAI member developers join CCCM efforts

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Over 200 CREDAI member developers have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with CREDAI Clean City Movement Ltd. Under this the member developers will implement Solid Waste Management in-situ model at their present and future projects. The total number of homes to be covered under the MOUs signed is in excess of two lakh units. The CCCM plans to cover one million households over the next two years.

An initiative by the CREDAI Kerala chapter, the CCCM was set up in 2007. Today, the initiative covers more than 650 housing condominiums and 80,000 apartments and provides employment to about 650 women belonging to the economically backward class in Kerala. A not for profit company, CCCM Ltd has now been set up under CREDAI National for the promotion of this initiative at the national level.

CCCM is a community level decentralized waste management system based on aerobic processing of waste. The technology uses Bio-Digester bins or Bio- Digester Pots to convert Municipal Solid Waste to natural fertilizer. The whole process is completed at an apartment complex or a gated community’s basement area. This initiative was started with the objective to help builders and residents implement eco-friendly self-reliant rejection management at source and to further ensure that the properties developed by the CREDAI members implement eco-friendly scientific waste management.

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