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Descaling solutions

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Scaletron from Inteco Colloids Pvt Ltd, New Delhi offers an inexpensive and ready solution to the problem of hard water scale.

Scaletron prevents the formation of hard water scale by a combination of pressure changes, turbulence and galvanic action which cause the dissolved scaling salts to be precipitated as fine colloidal particles which pass through the system without depositing as scale. The Scaletron can be fitted in the existing pipe line after the booster pump and before the overhead tank to prevent lime scale choking in your expensive gadgets like washing / machines geysers, shower heads, bathroom fittings, kettles and pipe lines etc.


Scaletron has no moving parts, requires no maintenance, has no electrical circuits and it provides the best, safest and most economical water treatment service for scale prevention. As the system has no recurring costs the equipment pays for itself in a very short time. As the system uses no chemicals it is one of the most environmentally safe products.

Scaletron is being manufactured in India under technical collaboration with Fluid Dynamics International Ltd., U.K, the world leader in non chemical water treatment equipments for hard water scale prevention. Fluid Dynamics specialises in providing unique technologies that provide environmental solutions. Fluid Dynamics is a member of UKWTA.


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