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Design that speaks of tradition and taste

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Riwaayat, a food establishment has made a brand impact its unique and simple design and decor
Girish Dangre

In a cozy laid back city like Pune, there are hundreds of restaurants, each trying hard to differentiate itself from the next. In such a competitive environment, to make ‘a’ restaurant stand out and make it successful, three factors play a very important and crucial role; location, menu and ambiance / design. In such a scenario, converting and designing a small car accessories storefront into a successful food establishment is challenging. You want to create the most stunning atmosphere, one that would make the customers want to stay for hours; not only so, but also, they spread the word.

Akash Dangre

Riwaayat, the new restaurant at Chinchwad is designed by interior designer Girish Dangre along with architect Akash Dangre, and has created an impact – both in ambiance and taste. The designers have managed to create a unique, original, fresh and innovative for eating. As the foremost step in designing this food establishment, the team of designers and the owners defined the personality of the restaurant and they found a middle ground between their preferences and those of their audiences. This led to a spatial design that not only makes it different from the other eateries around, but also showcases every aspect of the restaurant’s personality. The designers worked with the space – utilizing the positive aspects – as opposed to working against it and created a small restaurant that accommodates guests comfortably with leaving them feeling cramped.

The name Riwaayat which means ‘tradition’ in Urdu, was decided beforehand and therefore the theme needed to sync with it – a fusion of rustic ambiance and modern design elements. The client’s brief was to create a comfortable and cost-effective seating space for 60 people. Of course, the space has to look good, but more importantly, it needs to be functional. Keeping in mind the needs of the kitchen, supplier deliveries, toilets, employee entrances, and the movement of employees and customers on the floor. It was not an easy task. But elegance and comfort don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

Colour palette and lighting played a crucial role in surging the design appeal of the place. Effective lighting design and layout in a restaurant is key to setting the tone, mood and atmosphere of the place in which your customers dine in. Custom made lights, a design brain child of the owner, stand out during night.

The designers very well understood the importance to differentiate their design from the rest, and they did by adding unique elements by choosing a few stand-out pieces that reflect the theme of the restaurant.

Brands, like people, have personalities. Riwaayat has redefined the idea of ‘betterness’ in design.

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