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Destination Oriented Allocation System

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Elevator technology has been undergoing changes to meet the needs of the growing demands of the market and changing aspirations of people across all sections. One innovation in the recent past that enhances the customer benefits through reduced waiting time in the elevator lobbies, minimizes customer anxiety and regulates the queue in front of the elevators is Destination Oriented Allocation System (DOAS).

DOAS is a unique passenger allocation system that provides passengers with the fastest and least crowded route to their destinations. When a passenger enters a destination floor number to a hall operating panel, the best car is automatically allocated to the passenger and the car number is displayed on the panel. The passenger goes to the assigned car confirming the car number on a hall lantern with car number plate. (Hall destination floor indicator that displays floors to stop is also available). Boarding on the car, the passenger does not need to press the floor buttons on a car operating panel as the destination floor has already been registered.

Advantages of Destination Oriented Allocation System

1. Reduces travelling time

The system uses timely and specific destination information to allocate each passenger to the right car. Passengers spend less time in cars, as the number of stops per trip is limited. Working with other features of EAI-2200C, DOAS can significantly reduce the total time for passengers to get to their destinations, as well as long wait rate.

2. Enhances passengers usability at hall





3. Enhances passengers usability in car





For passengers with special needs

DOAS offers dedicated service for passengers with special needs. When the accessibility button on a hall operating panel is pressed, the doors remain open longer and close more slowly to allow passengers extra time to board and exit the car. Also, visual and audio guidance is available for passengers throughout the journey.





Hall Arrangement

DOAS is designed to complement today’s complex building environments. It can accommodate the needs of building owners, architects, consultants and elevator passengers. To meet their particular requests, we offer flexible configuration options. Please consult with our local subcontractors for further information.






Ruby, an Iconic high rise glass structure in heart of Mumbai, Dadar, has a huge 50,000sqft lobby with ceiling height of 30”. The lobby has 18 high speed Mitsubishi elevators, eight 3 MPS elevators for catering to low rise wing of 17 stop and ten 4 MPS for high rise wing for 36 stop. DOAS helps to improve traffic management and reduces power consumption. It also adds to security of the building. As you access elevator through lobby you also pass through security access which can be cleared by your identity card which is a smart card having information of your desired floor. On display of the card at security Kiosk, you will see elevator designation on LCD screen which you need to take for reaching desired floor. All you need to do is to stand next to the designated elevator, walk in moment it arrive and get down at you desired floor.

Pravin Rao
General Manager – Marketing & Sales
ETA Melco Mitsubishi Elevators




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