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Detecting the most subtle temperature variations-thermography as a research project

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The Frankfurt based housing and real estate group ABG aims to provide the highest quality of living. A FLIR T1030sc Thermal imaging camera helps improve the insulation of over 50,000 apartments and implement a European research project.

The ABG housing company’s program is called “WOHNEN FÜRALLE” (HOUSING FOR EVERYONE), because with its 51,000 apartments, the real estate group in Frankfurt am Main provides living space for almost a quarter of the city’s population.

The engineer Herbert Kratzel works at ABG toward achieving these objectives. He is one of the three managing directors of ABGnova GmbH, a joint venture between ABG and Frankfurt energy supplier Mainova.

And Herbert Kratzel’s working day is just as complex as his business card. He is one of four colleagues who are responsible for building monitoring and diagnostics at ABG. The analytical tools that Herbert Kratzel and his team use for this include the entire range of structural measurement technology: Blower door test, probes, endoscopes and of course thermography. He uses FLIR T1030sc the high quality Thermal imaging camera.

Examining External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS)

Herbert Kratzel’s work is characterized by the following three primary tasks: analyzing the quality of (newly installed) External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS); examining minimum insulation requirements (sometimes also for external appraisals); and checking for leaks (air and water). When ABG decided to purchase a thermal imaging camera in 2007, emphasis was placed on examining newly installed ETICS, and this remains Herbert Kratzel’s most important task today. There was no reference material at the time to thermographically define the threshold values of ETICS errors.

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