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Drain to Harvest Waste-Heat from Hot Water

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Montreal-based company has designed a gadget EcoDrain that aims to drastically reduce home energy costs by recycling the heat energy of the already-warm water flowing down your shower drain.

When it comes to home efficiency, the bathroom is often where we focus on water conservation. Most bathrooms contain a sink, toilet, and shower, which can each waste tons of water if we’re not careful. Ecodrain saves something equally important from escaping down the shower drain – energy.

Ecodrain is an efficient, next generation heat exchanger designed to fit in your home. Its specifically engineered piping configuration transfers heat energy from the hot shower water to the incoming fresh water supply.” EcoDrain’s double-walled design ensures that hot shower water never comes in contact with the fresh water supply; they flow through separate pipes in a double-walled system and cannot mix. One of the distinctive elements of the Ecodrain is the inclusion of its own turbulator design within the unit, which generates turbulence in the water in order to increase the rate of heat transfer without significantly reducing water pressure for the user.




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