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Eastern Ranges: Climatic Responsive Township

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Eastern Ranges by Phadnis Group is a premium range project spread on 18 acre land in Pune’s Keshavnagar, Mandhva. The modern township is situated within a distance of three to eight kilometers to prestigious hospitals, schools and shopping malls and entertainment destinations like multiplexes.

The project has been developed with the concept of sustainable site planning at design stage itself. With this concept, the Phadnis group created new resource consumption strategies, which include conservation or reduction of excessive resource use, recycling and reuse of materials and making use of renewable resources like solar energy.

One of the designs in Eastern ranges is to safeguard water and ensure water efficiency. This has been done with the help of low flow water fixtures with aerators, by using recycled water for flushing and maintaining a duel flushing system.

In terms of energy efficiency and conservation, there will been optimum use of T5 fixture with electronic ballast against T8, FTL fixture with electromagnetic ballast and motion sensors for the parking area lighting of all buildings. The other energy efficient features include low loss transformer, Solar water heating system and Solar based stand alone pole with LED fixture.

Indoor environment quality has been maintained with the use of AAC concrete blocks which have good thermal resistance and keep heat outside the building, all the windows are well shaded because of alternate terraces as well as side walls which act as a fin and the windows to wall ratio is kept such that it provides a good natural light to all spaces. The building layout allows prevalent winds to pass through the scheme giving the houses good ventilation and light colour flooring helps in daylight penetration.

Water will be harvested through rain water harvesting and waste water will be recycled. Solid waste will be segregated at source while non- biodegradable waste will be recycled and biodegradable garbage shall be composted and will be used as manure.

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