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Eco-Friendly Signature Homes

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Golden Grand is a luxury project by the Bangalore based Golden Gate Properties Ltd. The project boasts of 23 floor residential enclave that represents a new generation of condominium design and is designed by HOK-USA, America’s foremost architecture firm.

Each condo has a standalone design, which means that there are no common walls. This unusual design feature combines the practicality of a condo with the privacy of an independent home. This also augments the structural strength. The exterior structural design include five towers, out of which four are leaf-shaped, two-winged towers and one is a three-winged tower. Each leaf shaped tower will have wings of differing heights. Golden Grand, is located in one of the prime locations in west Bangalore, Rajajinagar.

Designed by renowned architects, HOK of New York, the elegance of Golden Grand is further accentuated by the 84% unbuilt space. A stately façade and intelligent lighting make the project unique.

One key feature of project has been an eco-friendly design focusing on a Sciography-based master planning that took into account the projection of shadows cast by simple architectural forms on plain surfaces. The resultant design ensured that none of the houses are bereft of light anytime of the day. All the condo-towers are placed in circles and daylight reaches every Condo at various times throughout the day. The condos have windows on all three sides.

The towers have an overcoat skin wall with sun-glare and heat reduction properties. Special attention has been given to wind-noise and pressure reduction. The curved surfaces of the towers face the wind direction, enabling maximum wind to enter inner spaces.

In terms of security, all the villas have 24 hour manned access and electronic scan fast lane has been installed for residential vehicles. Each Condo has been fitted with video door phones and security monitory system with CCTV Cameras. There are 16 fire escape staircases throughout the project.

As a step towards providing fine quality the property is equipped with water treatment plant, power backup and Building Management System.

Golden Grand is one of the most futuristic and eco-friendly residential skyscrapers being executed in India today. The design process took seven months and involved international experts from several different fields — topography, climatology, environmental sciences, traffic planning, parking, sciography, architecture, structural engineering, civil engineering, landscape architecture, MEP engineering and most importantly human behaviour.



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