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Ecological Tower

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The EDITT of (Ecological Design in the Tropics) tower in Singapore designed by TR Hamzah & Yeang and sponsored by the National University of Singapore is a 26-story high-rise boasting of photovoltaic panels, natural ventilation and a biogas generation plant all wrapped within an insulating living wall that covers half of its surface area.

Publicly accessible ramps will connect upper floors to the street level lined in shops, restaurants and plant life. The building has also been designed for future adaptability with many walls and floors that can be moved or removed. In a city known for its downpours, the building will collect rainwater and integrate a grey-water system for both plant irrigation and toilet flushing with an estimated 55% self-sufficiency. The 855sqm of solar panels will provide for 39.7% of the building’s energy needs and plans also include the ability to convert sewage into biogas and fertilizer. The tower will be constructed using many recycled and recyclable materials and a centralized recycling system will be accessible from each floor.




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