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Editors Page April – June 2017

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With technology advancing faster than the building industry, the architectural design processes are getting revolutionised. Parametric design which is now followed globally as a resource with which it is possible to achieve efficiency in concept and implementation. Through geometric and algorithmic relations, it forms a bridge between traditional architectural production and new technological possibilities. In the distinguishable style of parametric architecture, geometry has been playing an integral role.

In this issue of Buildotech, Sujatha Thampan has brought in as wide a perspective of the application of Parametric design as possible by looking at various projects around the world. There are essays on the Elbphilharmonie concert hall in Hamburg, a gargantuan glass tent by Herzog and de Meuron and the Origami Pavilion at Detmold University, Germany designed by Tal Friedman. The pavilion presents a novel approach to the construction of selfsupporting thin-shell folded structures. There is this interesting article on how the Iranian architecture firm explores the potential that brick can offer by making use of parametric architecture. A simple mass produced material like brick can be assembled in unique ways by taking advantage of this technology.

In an Interview with Buildotech, Sushant Verma, Founding Partner of rat[Lab] says we should not draw lines between distinct disciplines and everything should blur into everything else. An overlap can aid in creating novelty. “The role of algorithms in designing may be 20-30% in quantum but providing a backbone to the work we do.” We have also included a very informative paper by Geoffrey Haines of Desktop Engineering Ltd, that analyses the application of BIM in façade design, advantages & challenges of BIM, and the prospects for the technological changes brought by BIM to the whole industrial chain of façade design, fabrication, and installation.

Not to leave out the account by Zaha Hadid Architects’ Patrik Schmacher and Sanjay Bhooshan of the possibilities of architecture as a seamless flow of energy and matter.

So here we are, trying to go in detail over one area of building sector in each issue.


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