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Editors Page December 2016

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The last few weeks really belonged to demonetization. Among many other sectors directly or indirectly impacted, the real estate segment too has been airing views or rather concerns about the market’s uncertainties. But by and large, the sector welcomed the move and felt that it would put more money into the pockets of home buyers through lower tax burden, expected low loan interest rate and incentives for home ownership. The other positive spinoff, everyone agrees upon, is the hitherto sparingly implemented process– transparency.

In this issue we have some of the real estate leaders telling us how important it is for them to incorporate technology in design, business processes and in construction methodologies to achieve various results including speed, lower construction cost, occupant comfort, special design features and durability. We have Niranjan Hirananadani sharing ‘information on the Goup’s 16- storey tower ‘Signature’ in Gandhinagar and also his views on the market scenario.

The roofing industry is very much at the stage of embracing new technologies that can bring down costs, generate more options for customers and that are attractive & green. Finding place in this issue are sustainable roofing products developed by Development Alternatives, a Delhi headquartered social enterprise which supports localized masonry techniques.

On the design pages we are looking at the urban projects by architects Soyuz Talib and Kavita Talib, of STAPL who have redefined commercial and residential spaces in Navi Mumbai. They believe that design is one of the most strategic tools for securing lasting competitive advantage.

Moving on to sustainability, there are two very interesting articles. One on the Baubotanik approach that understands trunks and roots as living building material and the other on water efficient products to deal with water shortages. Megan Lehtonen, Senior Vice President made a presentation at the Mumbai Green Building Congress 2016 that incorporated uniform plumbing code and rating for water efficient products.


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