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Editors Page February 2016

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The Summit had a right mix of speakers and topics that held the audience till the last minute”; “It was a wonderful experience”; the best Summit on real estate and Facility management organized in recent times”… These were the reactions from the delegates who attended the first International IFM summit put together by Buildotech in January in Mumbai. The Summit was held as part of the Clean India Technology week organized by Virtual Info Systems. We have in this issue a report of the event. We will try and bring to you detailed coverage of individual sessions in the forthcoming issues of the magazine as well. The significance of this Summit was that it was designed to link the relevance of Infrastructure and FM to the core business of an organization and to the micro level aspects of FM. The presence of high level speakers, panelists and attendees made the discussions extremely meaningful.

The focus of this issue is energy efficiency and innovations in control methods which help optimize the performance of all equipment in an HVAC system by networking them together. HVAC systems have had networked based control capabilities for a long time, but this capacity was not always used. Now the use of VFDs for fans, pumps and chillers is making the network based control necessary in sustainable and greener designs.

The future trend in energy consumption in the Indian building sector is going to be complex. It depends on not only on the mechanical systems, but also on the operational efficiency. While the ECBC code is expected to influence the design and construction of buildings, the BEE has additionally introduced star rating of buildings to influence and curb energy use. We are looking at how the building sector is facing the challenges of yet to be firmed up regulatory and enforcement mechanisms.

We also have an interesting essay on Biophilia – literally meaning love of life – by Dr. Nikos A. Salingaros. This concept, he says, triggers a healing process in our very being. On the other hand, Chandrashekar Hariharan explains that smart home and smart city isn’t necessarily about savvy technology but is also about smart administration.


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