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Editors Page January 2016

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From time to time, India has been seeing extraordinarily innovative and purposeful architecture that has changed the way we perceive buildings and structures. Many architects have combined knowledge with style and emotion and have also changed tracks to deliver and to showcase changed perspectives. There have been international influences as well like, Ar. Kishore Pradhan, the landscape architect, talking about how he was deeply influenced by European art and French language and thinking. Or for that matter, Ar.Kapil Surlakar from Goa who drew inspiration for lighting design from Germany and believes in mixing up art & technology and designing spaces that influence human habitation.

Merging architecture and medical science is Ar. Rang Emei who strayed into designing hospitals out of urge to do something different. The role of “Specialist” architects has now been accepted, says Emei. Likewise, with India’s infrastructure being on the fast track, the entire parameter of practice of architecture needs to be re looked, feels Prof. Charanjit Shah of New Delhi based Creative Group. The firm has worked on Chennai and Raipur airports, both accepted as green. We have in this issue Ar. Sanjay Wadhwa, who believes that for getting the best results, full control over a built space- both exteriors and interiors, is necessary. His firm SWBI, has delivered most remarkable corporate interiors that contribute to a high level of employee engagement.

During a visit to Goa, Buildotech’s Sapna had interesting interaction with Ar. Gerard da Cunha whose style stems from using natural resources and site specific architecture. Also being featured is Ar. Dean D’Cruz from Goa, who started his career with da Cunha with low cost houses, then went on to designing luxury hotels, resorts and institutions and now has moved to cost-effective houses as community exercise. Designing monuments and memorials is a different genre. Ar.Reza Kabul talks about the mixed use 383 meter tall tower Altitude in Colombo dedicated to the winners of 1996 Cricket world Cup.

Last but not the least, Avikal Somvanshi, of the New Delhi-based think tank Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) takes a critical look at the prevalent green rating systems.

So here is a thought provoking anniversary issue. Buildotech wishes its readers a happy & prosperous 2016.


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