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Editors Page May 2016

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Integration of lighting design with architecture and the available daylight has always been a challenging component of interior designing. Years on, architects and designers have been putting together what they have learnt to create the best lighting solution for the occupant. However, with the advancements in lighting technology & controls and amalgamation of automation products, it has become necessary to bring on board a lighting consultants who can bring together art, science and technology. In this issue of Buildotech, we bring to the readers the views of the design professionals on lighting aesthetics & technology and how a consultant can add value not only to functionality and ambience but also to energy efficiency.

Talking of technology, AEC professionals are increasingly adopting software solutions for improved asset performance. From Geo spatial technology and 3D modeling to mobile devices, the collective advancements of software have changed the way we interact with infrastructure.

While, most parts of India reel under water scarcity, Biome Environmental Trust & Rainbow Drive society in Bangalore sets an example in saving water through community effort. In the same vein, the redevelopment of 150 years old crumbling infrastructure of Mumbai’s Bhendi Bazar can pave the way for resource efficient redevelopments, in turn making Mumbai Smart. While talking of resources, we also wonder why India still lags behind many other countries in tapping this clean energy. Aruna Kumarankandath from Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) offers clarifications & solutions.

The IFM Summit organized by Buildotech in January this year brought to the forefront some very topical issues concerning the real estate management and facility management. The sector is yet to define a successful procurement and supply chain management system especially, when the services are spread across multiple functions and locations. We give here what the eminent panelist had to say while handling the topic of Supply Chain management and its role in FM outsourcing.


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