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Editors Page November 2016

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Offices, commercial spaces and some building complexes are undergoing a smart transformation connecting and linking HVAC, lighting, environmental sensors, and security and safety equipment, along with external inputs such as the smart grid and weather. Modern buildings have complex mechanical devices, control systems and a set features to improve energy efficiency, safety, comfort and productivity. Smart Building solutions transform the way buildings are built, operated, monitored and controlled for reducing cost and increasing profitability. Smart buildings use connectivity and data to optimize all the systems within and also to communicate with external elements. Like autonomous cars, building technology advancement is leading to autonomous buildings.

What we also see and learn is the increased usage of technology in creating sustainable design that includes energy and water conservation, garbage processing or carbon neutrality. The article on BIM explains how using BIM and CFD can enhance building performance in health care sector and help mitigate infection while effecting energy savings too.

In the design section, Pronit Nath and Amisha Shah share with us their design concepts used in the two prestigious hotel projects in Jaipur and Chennai. The structures maintain the spirit of each location and combine the traditional with contemporary and global design & aesthetics.

Coming to sustainability, architects Parul Zaveri and Nimish Patel debate on the label of sustainability; is the choice ‘top down’ or ‘bottom up’ for India? The former is advocated by rating organization while the latter has been in practice in India for centuries. This approach strives to minimize the consumption of not only energy but of all materials.

We have two interesting articles on Facility Management this time. While one talks about the importance of commissioning as a strategy to help building owners manage and reduce energy consumption & related cost, the other article talks about managing multi-site facilities leveraging cloud based building management systems.


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