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Editors Page October 2016

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As building technologies and designs are evolving, the process of creating built environments for different functionalities and locations is no doubt challenging. Areas like energy conservation, water management or sustainable materials are brought to the forefront; yet as our focus story for this issue points out, the approach is in fact shifting to building for human health and that does encompass all the other elements – technology, design or product. Sustainability expert Deepa Sathiaram says that though she has believed in the importance of ‘building physics’, she has now realised the power of ‘building chemistry’ and its impact on people. Today, there are guidelines and standards that help designers and developers to create healthier buildings.

The building industry is undergoing rapid technological changes; Drones, augmented realty, virtual realty, 3D prints, big data BIM etc. World Economic Forum, Report “Shaping the Future of Construction – A Breakthrough in Mindset and Technology, elaborates how by adopting and exploiting these innovations, companies can boost productivity, streamline project management and procedures, and enhance quality and safety.

This issue has a number of very interesting features on design; read about KSM Architecture’s two ecologically sensitive schools in Tamil Nadu and Ar Benny Kuriakose’s ever evolving architectural idiom. Ar. Jaisim admits that even after moving into his home cum office building years back, he is still confronted with new set of design ideas!

Placed in the technology section is Ar. Pooja Dawalkar’s account on how she discovered the during her recent trip to Jerusalem the concept of massing for maintaining thermal comfort in hot and dry as well as composite climates…


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