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Editors Page September 2016

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The need for optimum use of space and the passion for technology and design are making buildings grow super tall. The trend has driven the growth of world elevator markets. A global business report projected the elevator market to reach US$25 billion by 2020. Smart elevators are being developed to meet demands like energy efficiency, enhanced safety and security, reduced waiting time, clustering of travelers to designated floors, and uninterrupted service. There is stiff competition in the market as elevator manufacturing companies are introducing newer technologies to cater to multiple needs and building structures.

Multiple factors are triggering the growth of Indian construction sector – From smart city projects to increased availability of funding. All the verticals related to building construction will also see growth both in terms of innovation and volume. Buildotech will continue focusing on all areas – from building design, aesthetics, technology or materials to sustainability features.

This issue has a few very interesting articles on design. Architect Parin Shah takes us through the concept of developing spaces around transit hubs like bus ports. Well-designed buildings to support commercial activities and offer passenger amenities around bus bays work both ways with advantages to the commuters and the business owners. The new office of Clariant chemicals designed by Planet 3 Studios supports open collaborative & flexible work environment. C+ Architects, China, in collaboration with the Naza design studio has created a bold design for a hotel on a flat area made by blasting away large boulders. And talking of sustainability, we have an account by Architect Anagha Paranjape of VK: e environmental about her project – The corporate office of SKF India in Pune – which she calls “a building that can breathe”.


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