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Effective Admixtures aid Concrete Technology

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In today’s Construction Scenario, cost effectiveness of admixtures is under close scanner due to high volumes of concrete involved. Maximum benefit of using admixtures can only be realized, by using it in conjunction with correct concrete technology. MC-Bauchemie (India) Pvt. Ltd. manufactures full range of concrete admixtures in collaboration with MC-Bauchemie, Germany and offers value addition tools such as Mix Design Analysis, grading curves analysis to maximize benefits for concrete and increase durability.

Admixtures like Zentrament, and the Muraplast FK and Powerflow range of admixtures (plasticizers and superplasticizers) are especially designed for concretes requiring high early and final strengths. These are primarily high range water reducers, based on selected 2nd and latest generation polymers, are free of chlorides and can be adjusted for slightly extended workability time. The concretes so produced are free from bleeding & segregation, are pumpable and require minimum compaction. These are suitable for use in the pre-stressed and precast industry for manufacturing elements such as beams, columns, slabs, railway sleepers, concrete piles, rails, posts, electrical poles and concrete pipes.

The development of strength is rapid enough to enable early stripping of moulds for rapid, economic construction on account of lesser formwork requirements. With the correct Concrete Technology and optimum use of Zentrament, Muraplast FK and Powerflow range of admixtures, about 15-20% cement savings may be achieved by maintaining the same slump and strength


Emcecolor- Flex is an acrylic polymer modified elastic elastomeric breathable, anti-carbonation, crack bridging, and UV resistant protective coating for new or strained concrete surfaces, against environmental pollution. It is based on acrylic polymers and selected mineral fillers. The product is water based and solvent free, therefore eco-friendly. It provides excellent protection for concrete subjected to adverse climatic conditions like in cooling towers, chimneys, bridges, buildings, etc. The coating is also waterproof and has a low water vapour diffusion coefficient.

EmceColor-flex can then be applied in two coats, using painting rollers, brushes or by airless spraying over a primer coat of Primex 250. More coats offer higher degree of protection and better crack bridging properties. This product is compatible with fully solvent free PCC system for the protection, repairs and maintenance of concrete structures. The consumption of Primex 250 is approximately 100 gms/m2 and that of EmceColor-flex is approximately 425 to 450 gms/m2 in 2 coats for a thickness of 200-225 microns.

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