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Effective Joint-sealing Tapes

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Supreme’s INSU tapes are high performance special adhesive coated, FR, XLPE tapes with various facings for a perfect joint sealing application. They are fire-retardant, non-fibrous,tri-dimensional chemically cross linked PE foam tapes – plain or laminated with Aluminum foil on one side and other side coated with special acrylic adhesive for excellent adhesion over various substrates. They are available in 25 mm, 50 mm, 75 mm and 100 mm widths to effectively cover the edges.

INSU tapes have high bonding strength for various insulation foam surfaces. They are flexible yet they have strong adhesion at joints even on angular surfaces. Therefore; they aresuitable for lap joints, face-to-face joints and corner joints. They are supplied with stiff release paper for ease of removal to save on application time. The tapes are most suitable for sealing the longitudinal, transverse joints and corners in ducts, under roofs, pipes, floor and wall insulation as well as over-lap area of roofing sheet joints in PEB buildings. Product variants are:

  • Plain – Single side and both side adhesive
  • Aluminum foil laminated
  • Metalized PET laminated
  • Both side adhesive laminated with peel-off paper


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