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Emerging Trends: Green Construction Techniques

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Glass Fibre Reinforced Gypsum (GFRG) Panel Building System


  • Glass Fibre Reinforced Gypsum (GFRG) panel (Rapid Wall Panel) is made up of calcined gypsum plaster reinforced with glass fibres
  • The panel is of 124mm thickness, 12m long and 3.0m height
  • Contains cavities that may be unfilled, partially filled or fully filled with reinforced concrete as per structural requirement
  • GFRG panel can be used as in fills for load bearing as well as framed structures
  • Micro beams and RCC screed can be used as floor/ roof slab
  • Suitable for low rise to high rise structures


  • Green Technology: Makes use of industrial waste gypsum, does not need any plastering, uses less cement, sand, steel and water than conventional building materials.
  • Reduced built up area: Panels being only 124 mm thick, building can achieve more efficiency compared to conventional buildings.
  • Versatility: Panels can be used not only as walls but also as floors, roofs and staircase
  • Speed of construction is relatively faster
  • Lightness of structures bringing safety against earthquake forces


  • The shorter span of slab (floor/ roof) should be restricted to maximum of 5.0m
  • The system is ideal if the same floor/ roof is replicated for all floors in multi storeyed structure
  • The panels are not suitable for curved walls or domes. In case it is essential, use masonry/ concrete for that particular area.
  • The electrical/ plumbing system should be such that most of the pipes go through the cavities

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