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Emerson’s Copeland™ Heat Pumps Powering High Efficiency Sanitary Heating Solutions

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Looking at the growing trend of energy consumption in India, it can be confidently said that there is a bright future for heat pump applications in the country. Both in the residential and commercial space, it is becoming increasingly apparent that heat pumps will play an important role in the sanitary heating sector. The reason isn’t far to see -Water Heating is one of the most energy intensive processes and for applications like Hotels, Residences, Hostels and more, usage of traditional heating systems like electric geysers and fossil fuel-based boilers can be an expensive proposition.

Emerson Heat Pumps from 100-1000LPH (3.4 To 36 kW) range offer an intelligent & efficient solution for sanitary heating; specially suited for commercial & residential buildings aiming to reduce their carbon footprint. These heat pumps harness naturally available heat that results in 75% lesser power consumption, lower CO2 emissions & cleaner air. Designed & Engineered in India, they come with unique heating optimized compressors, intelligent heating control & diagnostics, daily programmability & easy serviceability design.

In commercial buildings like Hotels, Hostels and Resorts, water usage is quite high as there are various hot water applications like showers, laundry, cooking etc. For the building owners, the energy bills come down by nearly 50-75% with Heat Pumps.

Emerson had recently installed an Integrated heat pump at Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute (VJTI) college hostel- a leading engineering institute in Mumbai where energy monitoring was carried out for the heat pump and an electric geyser for 6 months. The institute came out with a report which demonstrated real savings of close to 73% in electricity bills; with Heat Pumps at 3.75 times more efficient than the geyser.

The pumps have tremendous scope in gated residential apartments or villas which opt for centralized hot water systems. For premium apartments & villas with more than 4 bathrooms, the hot water demand for high speed showers & bathing can be met through heat pumps which makes it more viable; with payback periods of less than two years. With Intelligent Heating Control & Diagnostics, building owners can now monitor and control the hot water systems from the comfort of their home.

With lower energy consumption, the investment in electrical infrastructure like a transformer comes down by a substantial amount resulting in huge CapEx savings for apartments, hotels, hostels etc. In addition, the pumps occupy less space and are completely weather independent unlike Solar as they can deliver 60°C hot water consistently even at night, monsoon, winter & cloudy days.

Emerson Heat Pumps from 100-1000LPH have been awarded the prestigious GreenPro Green Product Certification By CII- IGBC in September 2018. It has also won the ACREX Award of Excellence.

Ajax Fiori
Concrete Batching Plants

Ajax understands customer needs and provides solution to their concrete requirement. It has a wide variety of Batching Plant to offer, ranging from 30 cu.m per hour to 240 cu.m /hr.

The Compact Reduce Bin Batching Plant Series (CRB Series) and Inline Reduced Bin Batching Plant Series (IRB Series) from Ajax stable is the result of understanding Customer needs and their site constraints. The plants are available in capacities 30 cu.m/hr. and 60 cu.m/hr.

The Compact Reduce Bin Batching Plant Series (CRB Series):

Our CRB series Batching Plants come standard with Planetary Mixers, which is the most ideal mixer for producing all grades of concrete and all types of slumps.

World over, the planetary mixers have replaced the turbo mixers for most applications, owing to its capability of producing high quality concrete of different types. The key benefits of planetary mixers over conventional turbo mixers are:

• The planetary mixer mixing tools rotate in a synchronized manner and are able to turn the material distributing all of the material uniformly in the pan without favouring the different nature of the materials creating a homogeneous mix; each revolution changes the flow pattern.
• The intensity of the mixing action, appropriate speeds combined with design of the mixing tools provide a complete homogenisation and an efficient flow pattern.
• The pan of the planetary mixer is completely empty thus allowing the material to cover the complete area in a minimum time.
• Planetary mixers have a single type of mixing tool with a geometry that together with a combination of movements distributes evenly the material.

The Compact Reduced Bin Batching Plant (CRB) of 30 cu.m/hr. capacity was designed to fulfil the need of its Customer in the RMC & Infrastructure segments. In today’s competitive world Capital & Operational cost plays a vital role in the success of the business.

• The CRB 30 eliminates the need of the belt conveyor for handling aggregates and there by reduces the capital cost by 30% compared to other similar plants available in the market.
• Aggregate weighing system is independent of skip transfer system, thereby reducing the cycle time & increases productivity
The entire plant can be transported in a single trailer and thereby reducing transportation cost compared to other plants
• Plug and Play electrical system, thereby fast erection at site
• Compact Layout, hence minimal space required
• Minimal Concrete foundation required for erection
• Skid foundation also available as optional which eliminates the need of a foundation

Inline Reduced Bin Batching Plant Series (IRB Series):

The IRB Series Batching Plant is designed for sites where loading of aggregates cannot be done from both the sides of the bins due to site constraints.

These Batching Plants are best suited for customers who needs 4 to 6 bins for different aggregate sizes.

The Inline Bin Batching Plant Series (IBP Series) are the large capacity Batching Plants ranging from 120 to 240 cu.m/hr. and predominantly used for NHAI Road projects & major dam projects. These plants comes with Twin Shaft Mixer technology for handling bigger aggregates (above 40mm).

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