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Energy-efficient Air Coolers

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Usha International strengthens its range of evaporative air coolers with eight new models. The range includes both desert and personal air coolers. Usha brand offers Maxx Air and Air King, the first ever electronic desert cooler range with smart PCB function supported with remote control. Its smart and sleek look is complemented with intelligent features. The exclusive features include Smart Sleep that helps adjust room temperature for maximum comfort and saves energy during the night without noise and discomfort. The Just for You Memory Mode helps in customization of air cooler settings as per user choice. Timer function works like an AC allowing users to easily set step timer which works best in office. Additionally the Child Lock function prevents children from tampering with control buttons and Low Water Alarm reminds you about timely refilling of the air cooler.

T h e Usha Honeywell evaporative coolers include Honeycomb cooling medium combined with special Ice compartment that further helps lower room temperature when required. The unique Ionizer feature in these air coolers purifies air in a room.

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