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Energy-efficient Renovation

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The Edith Green – Wendell Wyatt (EGWW) building, a18- story, 512,474sqf office tower in downtown Portland was built in 1974. The primary design goal for SERA Architects and Cutler Anderson Architects from Portland, USA was to transform the existing building from an aging, energy hog to one of the premiere environmentally friendly buildings.

The architects designed a unique facade of “reeds” that supported plant growth, provided a native ecosystem and energy savings of 60% compared to the existing building. The roof canopy that supports a180kW photovoltaic array also collects rainwater to meet the stringent energy and water conservation requirements. The strong connection between the landscape and the building, provides a unique setting for the re-birth of this urban building, with a tapestry of climbing vines, unique to each solar exposure, communicating its green commitment.



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