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Energy-field Balancing

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The concept developed by Ar. Rohit Ganatra, Principal Architect, Architectural Design, Mumbai, deals with reduction / mitigation of disharmony between built environment and its occupants. It is caused by geomagnetic, electromagnetic & ambient thermic & non-thermic radiations in extremely low frequency (ELF). The concept involves scientific electromagnetic energy field analysis for all types of buildings – residential, commercial, mass transit hub, healthcare, industrial and educational.

The modern buildings and infrastructure made with R.C.C. & steel frame work depend on electrical energy usage for transfer of goods, liquids, gases through various airborne electromagnetic signals of Radio Frequency and other frequency waves. Electric energy is required to activate systems supporting automation, security and communication & safety systems of residential & non-residential structures. The increasing trend of usage of all these technologies and increasing possibilities of remote operations of various equipment and of biosensors has exposed us to the risk of exposure to increased levels of subtle radiations which adversely affects our nervous system and endocrine glands. It can create disturbances of electrochemical and electromagnetic activities of the body which controls our perception, processing & response to surrounding stimuli. This is where Green and smart buildings use of technology, defeats the purpose of providing healthy built environment.

Extensive research on the subject and integration of medical science, architecture and engineering is required to make interior and architectural projects more meaningful, healthy and productive for their intended usage, promoting occupants organic growth. The effects of Energy-field Balancing can be substantiated by showing radiations with ionic clouds in software processed photographs before balancing and after balancing indicating the changes and effects on human being and site.

The prevalent definition of LEED ratings does not seem to consider these potent, silent, invisible and subtle energies adversely affecting health. This is also the observation of “Environment and Human Health, Inc.” U.S.A. that LEED neglects internal ambient radiations levels. Indeed their consideration for the concepts of 3R (reduce, reuse and recycle), cannot be underestimated but they need to be complimented & supplemented with the concepts of micro (structure) & macro (plot & immediate surrounding) Energy-field balancing can mitigate harmful radiations without altering, demolishing & compromising building system’s safety and prevalent rules & regulations for building and environment. The corrections must be validated with instrumental testing at site before certification. This automatically requires updating of architecture and interior design practice. Adoption of the concept of “Energy-field Balancing” for all built premises has shown effective results in improved health and productivity in India, Gulf Countries, Far East, China, Europe and USA where at many places “Sick Building” syndromes were nullified.

Sustainable architecture concept cannot be complete without harmonizing and balancing of radiations essential for good physical and mental health of the user of the built environment boosting their efficiency and productivity. The balancing of the total electromagnetic field is achieved with the help of desired alterations of energy flow paths by balancing and rearranging flow of the radiations and strength of fields.

To bring energy radiation in harmony with built structure, one needs to properly study geomagnetic, bio-electric and electronic energy fields. The planning and achieving of desired energy levels involves the analysis of plans, sections and specifications of structure and all components related to interior and exterior environment of the plot, around the plot, in the building and outside the building. Also needed is data of structures, electromagnetic loads and data of energy field of the occupants.

It is impossible in today’s world to live without electricity/ electronics, structures of steel, mass communication and extensive use of energy in various forms in modern buildings. Thus, there is a strong need to make resultant radiation less harmful with cautious use of technology and implement of curative measures. we have already used Energy-field Balancing in projects in India, USA, UK, Belgium, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Dubai and Sri Lanka The concept was executed in already developed and new projects under execution or planning through system of Energy-field Balancing and remedial rectifications without disturbing existing structures.


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