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Energy efficient, two stage evaporative cooling system

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The HMX-Ambiator is a two stage “indirect direct evaporative air conditioner” developed by HMX Systems Private Limited, an A.T.E. Group company. It comprises of air pre filters, a blower, a water distribution system, a sensible heat exchanger DAMA, an adiabatic heat exchanger or equivalent type of cooling pads employed to evaporatively cool the treated air after DAMA, casing panels and a micro controller to control the operation of the Ambiator. Among the available cooling technologies for commercial as well as industrial applications; HMX-Ambiators do stand apart because of their unique features and benefits. They are eco-friendly, highly energy efficient, and offer 100% fresh cool air.

Ambiators bring outlet Dry Bulb Temperature (DBT) to a comfortable level and provide a pleasant and healthy indoor air quality for various applications. HMX-Ambiators do not use any CFCs and help greatly in mitigating adverse climate change. Also they help in mitigating the problem of peak electricity demand during the hot and other such demanding climates. They are made robust to withstand the water / climate conditions and are also equipped with UV treatment units to ensure that the circulated water is free from bacteria and other such germs and that no foul smell comes through the system. The core of HMX-Ambiator technology is new generation sensible cooling technology heat exchanger which is highly effective and energy efficient (EER > 25) and enabling HMX-Ambiator to be in a different race altogether.

Principle of operation

HMX-Ambiator gives a huge energy saving potential – up to 60% over conventional air-conditioners, a finding endorsed by none other than TERI. Filtration of air is very important and this is a standard feature in Ambiators also. It offers filtration of air up to 5/10/20 microns. For hospitals and other mission critical applications, HMX Ambiator can have HEPA filters (high efficiency particulate air) to filter-out particulates up to 0.3 microns in diameter with 99.7% efficiency. HMX-Ambiators are customized to suit the requirement of the customers and are available in various capacities from close to 10,000 CFM to 40,000 CFM plus.

Applications include

HMX-Ambiators offer new generation, low carbon, and sensible cooling solutions for your commercial and industrial requirements for:-

  • Comfort conditioning.
  • Industrial ventilation and cooling.
  • 100% fresh air/once through applications
  • Inlet air cooling for gas turbines, gas engines, air compressors to enhance output & efficiency.

Features and Benefits

Safe & Cool: 100% fresh air application, clean and filtered air flow, excellent Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), no sick building syndrome (SBS).

Eco-friendly: No CFCs involved, zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential), and help reduce GHGs (Green House Gases) significantly.

Energy-efficient: Saves up to 60% of the energy compared to conventional air conditioning, having high energy efficiency ratio (EER) of over 25.

Reducing chances of infection: Helps reduce viral density in the air thereby reducing the chances of infection from contagious virus in air e.g. Swine flu.

Versatile: Options of variable speed drives, PLC / micro processor based control systems, remote management and integration with existing control systems / BMS (Building Management Systems) and EMS (Energy Management Systems).

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