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Enhanced Version of Smart Building Automation System, BCPro™

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Johnson Controls, has launched BCPro, the smart Building Automation System (BAS) designed for conventional commercial buildings. BCPro is the latest release of what was launched as Building Control Manager (BCM) in 2014.

BCPro provides simple but powerful tools for fast and easy set-up, reducing system configuration time by 50 percent and workload of user interface (UI) configuration by 90 percent, unleashing the full ability and efficiency of BAS operations.

The systems offer a new graphic display with editing, illumination and customization functions, allowing building operators to quickly access and view data, as well as make changes to the system, lowering the UI configuration workload by as much as 90 percent.

This intuitive design not only makes it easy for users to monitor, control and manage building facilities, but also trims the time needed for them to master the system. In addition, the HTML5-based UI enables users to access the system from any device with any web browser, at any place and time.

BCPro comes with technological updates that greatly enhance the system software and its communication process with the controllers, ensuring greater system stability and reliability.

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