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Environment responsive roofing – the future

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Various materials have been tried in the past as thermal insulators with varying efficiency. Some of the roof cooling products include high-albedo paint, lime coating (that can be applied on visible patches on roof surface). While lime coating is cheaper, it requires repainting every six months. Application of high-albedo paint is cost effective but it lasts for two years only. The glazed tiles, however, last longer but are expensive. An effective alternative is Insulla roof insulation tiles manufactured by Japeva Engineering Pvt Ltd. that offers economical and durable ‘roof cooling’ solutions. R.K Saranraj, Managing Director gives an account.

Building roofs undergo significant expansion and contraction as they heat and cool throughout the day. Heat absorbed by the roof can also act as catalyst and accelerate degradation by ultraviolet rays and water. A reflective roof can reduce the amount of heat absorbed thereby reducing thermal shock that occur on the roof surface and make the roof last longer. A first of its kind worldwide is the roof insulation tile with specialized Cool Grit Granules and Japeva is already in the process of patenting this innovation.

The cool grit granules absorb and store the humidity from air thereby cooling the tile and the surface below it. As temperature rises, these granules release the water vapour, ensuring that heat is not transferred below. This eco-friendly process ensures absorption of Carbon dioxide and neutralizes harmful Nitrogen Oxide present in the air. The tile doubles up as a natural air purifier.

Insulla Roof Insulation Tiles

These roof insulation tiles are the only tiles in India which are made with Nano Titanium dioxide, which is the most effective compound used globally in reduction of air pollution. A recent research by a team at University of California and Riverside’s Bourns College of Engineering have claimed that 97% of smog causing air pollutants are eliminated by Titanium dioxide formulation. Insulla tile reflects 96% of the heat allowing one to walk bare foot on it even on a sunny afternoon. It weighs less compared to conventional roofing system and is made of anti-skid properties which gives a better grip and easy maintenance. One of the other roof cooling option provided by Japeva include a brand called Cool Shield coating. This is an economy offering with a life time of four to five years.

A study by St. Xavier’s College, (Civil/Mechanical Engineering institution) Nagerkoil, TN has shown that using Insulla roof insulation tiles can reduce 30-45 percent of electricity consumption. The tiles offers a package of distinguished advantages including the presence of non-metallic minerals due to which the alkaline silica reaction does not occur, aiding low thermal conductivity of heat as well as low porosity of the tile. This ensures stability and strength. There are Nano technology additives which help in high photo catalytic reaction by the help of sunlight which neutralizes NOX which works very well in preventing etching of the tile surface due to acid rain. Apart from this the high salinity present in the air in coastal areas do not affect Insulla tile thus, protecting the tile strength from weakening. The tiles are anti-fungal & anti-bacterial as well.

By installing Insulla tiles, the ambient temperature can be reduced by up to seven to eight degree Celsius in peak summer while, the exterior surface temperature can be brought down by up to 15 degree Celsius. The water resistance level of tiles is less than 6% which is superior when compared to the minimum values set by BIS at 10 %.The tiles are suitable for all climatic conditions as they are specially designed to withstand freeze- thaw resistance & thermal shock. This attribute makes them most suitable for constructions in hilly areas.

What’s more, the carbon foot print is very low in manufacturing Insulla roof insulation tiles. Both clay and concrete roof tiles are made from naturally occurring materials that deplete precious natural resources like precious soil that is vital for agriculture and cultivation and also pollute the atmosphere as a result of the manufacturing process and industrial waste it generates.

White Roof Project (WRP)

There is rapid growth in consumer awareness about global warming and the need for green living. White Roof Project (WRP) was started globally as a go-green endeavour to reduce carbon emissions caused by indoor air-cooling, reduce stress on the power grid by saving on electricity usage for cooling thereby effectively reducing electricity costs as well. It’s a proven fact that the life span of a building increases with white tile installation. Implementation in cities like New York has shown that heat reflective white roofs can make a world of difference to both short-term and long-term climate change concerns.

In India, Insulla roof insulation tiles have been driving the WRP trend. Although the project recommend white tiles, customized options at a slightly higher cost (due to expensive raw materials) are available for the design conscious. In comparison to other insulation tiles offering four or five year guarantee, Insulla tiles last for 25 years and above.

Builders of repute, KGEYES, Bhaggyam Constructions, and BBCL & P DOT G are using Insulla roof insulation tiles. They have been used in buildings of historical importance such as Chennai Corporation also known as Rippon Building, Vivekananda Memorial Hall, and Kanchi Kamatchi Temple at Kanchipuram.


• State of the art technology and technical innovation has earned Insulla roof insulation tiles several awards like:

• CAVIN KARE Chinnikrishnan Innovation Awards 2012 for Best Product Innovation

• Asian Leadership Award 2012 – for Manufacturing Excellence -Innovative and Energy saving Product

• IEDRA (Indian Economic Development Research Association –2013 – Business Leadership Award for Industrial Development.

JAPEVA Group is one of the few companies in India and probably worldwide that can pride itself as “Manufacturing Innovative Green Build” building material products using only natural mineral composition. Currently, the company is in the process of developing an innovative technology which can be used towards green construction and eco living in a cost effective budget. It is expected to be launched by the end of 2014.

Helpline: +91-80563 45678

E-Mail: info@insulla.com

Web: www.insulla.com

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