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Eureka Forbes 4D security solution concept

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Eureka Forbes, the leading name in water and air purification systems,vacuum cleaners and security systems has now introduced an all-new4D Security Solutions, which offers 360° protection to customers. Witha progressive technology vision, Eurovigil focusses on four key aspects– Display, Deter, Detect and Discover, which include VDP (Video DoorPhones), ACS (Access Control System), IAS (Intrusion Alarm Systems) and CCTV (Closed Circuit Television).

The 4D Security Solutions is a unique concept, which provides comprehensive and intelligent security management system to keep your home safe from any kind of intrusion. With this concept, Eureka Forbes aims to break the myth that one product cannot always provide complete protection from break-ins, as it requires an all-inclusive solution. It provides four levels of security for any premise, with each product. The VDP gives complete control over visitors by monitoring the main compound and outside the gate, the ACS monitors the access entry at multiple points, the IAS detects any unauthorized entry in all parts of the house and the CCTV helps in complete surveillance of the entire premises.

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