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Evolving Cement Solutions

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    Headquartered in Paris, Chryso is recognized as an industry specialist in the construction chemicals market and has presence in over 30 countries. Giles Everitt, Managing Director at Chryso India talks to Buildotech about the company’s offerings and strategic operations in India.

      Chryso India, is the local subsidiary of the Global business Chryso, based in France making entry into India in 2006 through a strategic joint venture with SWC (Structural Waterproofing Co P Ltd) and later 100% ownership by 2008.

      We have three business verticals – Concrete Admixtures, Construction System and Cement Grinding Aids, in India. We are looking to strengthen our presence and enhance our offering through significant investment to boost our production efficiency and add capacity. We put in place a dynamic green strategy to improve environmental performance and create higher capacity when designing and building our new plants in Chennai and Alwar. We are now in the midst of our build program for our new plant at Kolkata and also have plans for the West market. We have made changes to our internal structure with a focus to enhance our employee capability as we gear up for future expansion in India.

      Our strategy is to penetrate new markets and assist the evolution of mechanised concrete in India. We are continuing to invest in our R&D footprint to accelerate this strategy to further enhance our innovations and support customers in all regions of India. In fact, our research centre in Navi Mumbai is the only R&D centre CHRYSO Group has outside of France. We realized the potential of the Indian market and the need to have a focused approach to sustain a long term growth, thus invested in setting up this advanced facility. Our investment is a demonstration of our desire to be a lead player in technological solutions here in India. The estimated growth rate for Indian construction industry for the next five years is significant and we are delighted to optimize our future in this domestic market.

      Sustainability and research form the core value of the company. Annually 3% of the turnover is invested in research generating new products suited to our market demonstrated by 35% of turnover generated by products less than five years old. Chryso also develops tailored solutions for specific customer requirements.

      Business Verticals

      Chryso manufactures a wide range of products under three business segments – Concrete Admixtures, Cement Grinding Aids and Construction Systems.

      Our customers include ready mix units, prefabrication plants and construction sites including underground infrastructure sites, civil engineering and cement manufacturers.

      Concrete Admixtures: If you take an industry overview, the construction chemicals market needs to grow at least at the same pace as the cement industry. But the real scenario is not the same, and the growth potential for admixtures is very high since penetration of construction chemicals in concrete industry here in India is still very low. Things will change as the demand for mechanized concrete increases fueled by rapid urbanization, infrastructural development and a demand for accelerated construction with consistent concrete performance. The construction chemicals cost compared to the total cost of construction projects is negligible, but value creation of these chemicals is significant in terms of reduction in raw material cost, speed of execution, and creation of high standard concrete.

      Cement Grinding Aids: The cement industry is well aware of the environmental impact of production and driving forward new standards to increase the percentage of secondary cementitious material such as PFA, GGBS and Limestone. Chryso has a wealth of knowledge in respect of additives to facilitate the increase of SCM through its range of activators. In addition we have specific grinding aids for differing processes whether raw mills to feed kilns, vertical roller mills or traditional ball mills for finished material. With our R&D centre in Navi Mumbai we are able to assist in all development projects for specific technical demands for the cement manufacturer to enhance their product portfolio.

      Construction Systems: With a sharp rise in infrastructural projects across India, an increase in demand for construction system products is also expected. We at Chryso offer a full product portfolio in construction systems, and we are also working in conjunction with contractors to exhibit our products capabilities and highlight the correct application techniques to ensure effectiveness. This is fundamental to ensure correct execution.

      Training & Awareness

      Training and safety are crucial aspects in our industry for market growth. We conduct training programs and seminars across the country for project consultants, contractors and our technical workforce to make them aware of product capabilities and applications. Our technical teams work on a consultative basis with our customers to ensure optimized solutions are incorporated and applied correctly.

      Sustainability in construction

      Indian cement industry is quite advanced in secondary cementitious material which is a major driver of sustainability in the construction industry. We are working with ready mix concrete companies for major projects and offering technologically advanced solutions for green concrete. For example, Enviromix i40, a high performance chemical admixture allows better utilization of mixes incorporating high volume of fly ash or slag. It offers normal to accelerated setting characteristics, enhanced workability & finish and improved strength development properties.

      Likewise, our de-moulding oil Chemlease SPL is a mould release agent for concrete formwork. This specially formulated blend of mineral oils react with the alkali in the concrete to form a thin water repellent skin on the surface of the mould, thereby enabling easy stripping from concrete and acting as a protection to steel and wooden form work. We are also moving away from mineral oil to vegetable oils making it more sustainable product.

      Our aim is to have state-of-the-art high technology plants in India at the same standard to our global manufacturing plants across the world. It’s an evolution, utilizing best practice and learning from past experiences from both across the world and here in India.”

      Emami City, spread across almost 15 acres of land with a serene environment and well planned 23 towers that altogether house 1200 flats, is a residential complex at Jessore Road, Kolkata. It is designed by architect Kiran Kapadia and International landscape architect Lem Green to offer affordable residences with world-class features and amenities. Other consultants for this 25 lakh square feet under construction include Meinhardt, Subhra Narayan Sil, DJ Consultants and construction contractor Larsen & Toubro.

      Construction Challenges

        1. Congested reinforcement.
        2. De – Shuttering within 36 Hrs.
        3. Using 15 different cement brands.

        As a single vendor of the Super plasticizer material, Chryso supplied Fluid Optima S 713 to provide:

        1. Fill free Technology for Congested reinforcement.
        2. Early Strength, achieve 50% strength within 36 hours and 85% strength within 3 days.
        3. Offering robust product system, applicable for all available cement brands.

        The use of Chryso Fluid Optima S 713 (Superplasticizer), helped achieve all the parameter, saved 9.2% labour cost & increased re-cycling process and also aided working with all Cement brands.



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