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Expansion Joints

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Buildings undergo movement caused by thermal expansion and contraction as a result of temperature variation. Engineers use expansion joint systems that bridge the gap and restore building assembly functions while accommodating expected movements. Supreme Industries has introduced with DURAboardHD100, DURArods and DURAsilstrip which are closed cell products.

DURAboardHD100 is bitumen free and can be cut in any size with a normal knife. The product is non staining, sustainable and does not deteriorate over a long period of time nor does it distort under normal load from wet concrete; being very light weight it is very easy to handle and install. DURArods is a polymer-based product with a circular profile which complete wetting of sealants with masonry, aluminium or other substrates and helps to maintain minimum thickness of sealant at the joint’s centre. DURAsilstrip is a compressible polymer based composite material which has heat resistant silicon coating paper on top surface backed on one side. It is suitable as a back-up to cold applied sealants.

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