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Expansion joints

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The subject of expansion joints in construction has been considered controversial by many. In buildings, the need for expansion joints in buildings may be determined on an empirical basis initially and later a more precise analysis can be undertaken.

Expansion joints or isolation joints provided within a structure permit the separate segment of the structural frame to expand and contract in response to the temperature changes without adversely affecting the structural integrity or serviceability. Anyone familiar with the coefficient of expansion of concrete realizes the necessity of providing adequate expansion joints; also the necessity to eliminate intermediate cracks by creating planes of weakness to predetermine the location of contraction cracks. Sometimes to lower the cost of construction, only sawed joints are used disregarding the important function of expansion joints. To bridge the gap between cost effectiveness and high quality, the Supreme Industries Ltd’s., Construction Accessories Division has developed customized solutions specifically for the construction sector.

Supreme’s DURAboardHD100 is a crossed-linked, premoulded, high performance joint filler board which is readily compressible and ensures low load transfer. This structural expansion joint application can be used in concrete brick and block work. It also helps isolation to fill its gap and work as a backup supporter for sealant. It can be used for the expansion joints in concrete highway, taxi tracks and most importantly in airport runway. The bitumen free product available in thickness ranging from 8mm to 100mm is thermally stable (ranges from -40°C to+70°C) comes has excellent chemical & bacteria resistant and is rot proof.

Supreme’s DURArods, a closed-cell polymer based circular profile ensures stronger bonding of sealant with masonry, aluminum or other substrates and helps to maintain desired thickness of sealant at the joint’s centre. It does not bond with cold applied sealants and can be used in applications like precast panel joints, coping joints, contraction joints, expansion joints, glazing joints as well as isolating joints and window and door frame parameters.

The product available from 6mm to 60mm size, works as a back-up to sealant in structural glazing systems. It offers negligible water or moisture absorption, excellent chemical resistance (inert to most acid and alkalis and cost effective space filler) and allows unrestrained expansion and contraction of sealant while eliminating bubbling of sealant.

DURAsilstrip is a closed cell, compressible polymer based material (paper) backed on one side as per IRC: 57-2006- 6.3 and 6.4. The product apart from 2mm to 12mm sizes is available in other sizes on request. It works as bond brakes between any cold applied sealant and fourth surface in contraction or expansion joints – to be precise – in concrete road. It has compressible and flexible joint movements along with non-staining, which means it does not disintegrate. All structures move by necessity to avoid buckling which could cause structural failure.

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