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Filler cores for doors

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Sleek Boards India LLP, manufacturers of Particle Boards and MDF provides cost effective and high performance filler cores for doors. These filler cores are already in use in 65 countries worldwide, but are yet to gain popularity in India.

The performing panel with tubular inside has high sound insulation. The construction leads to almost 50% reduction in sound passed via door compared to timber batton filled door. Since the board is produced by extrusion method, the particle direction is predominantly vertical to surface which in case of accidental exposure to fire provide a low rate of burning than a batton filled door or a flat pressed particleboard. The density in solid areas is high 520/m3. Further the arch principle as in case of construction of dams or bridges give high impact resistance. Impact load can be sustained 20kgs/cm2. Tubular boards give value weight to the door making it ideal choice for high rise buildings besides providing better acoustical and safer door. The boards meet the Formaldehyde emission norm making it suitable for indoor use as well.

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