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First ever green building in Vijayawada

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Vijayawada gets its first ever green building for VGTM Uda. The building will include self-solar and wind-power generating units and air-conditioned interiors with radioactive cooling system and water-cooled de-humidified air circulation.

The building is designed with a concept of eco-friendly, energy-efficient, zero-carbon emission, low maintenance and self-sustainable qualities. It will be equipped with integrated photovoltaic panel cover above the roof garden for generation of power during day. The BIPV solar panels to windows will help natural cooling system. The air flowing inside the building would be filtered every three minutes and it would be blown out.

The solar and wind power systems of the building will generate 15 lakh units per annum. Of the total production, 6.7 lakh units per annum will be consumed by the building and the surplus 8 lakh units will be supplied to the power grid. The building would not tap ground water and develop rain harvesting system. As the average rainfall in the region stands at 1100 mm per annum, rain water collected on the terrace would be collected to a tune of 2.5 lakh litres per annum. The water will be used for developing garden on the terrace.

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