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Flexible Office Spaces

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Founded by architect entrepreneur Amit Ramani in 2015 as a network of collaborative co-working spaces, Awfis Space Solutions is a new-age technology venture that is redefining the current business landscape by creating an ecosystem of work-spaces for the small medium individual local entrepreneurs on a just-in-time basis. Awfis technology platform enables users to book work-desks, private cabins, meeting rooms, and business centers across India on a just-in-time basis for a flexible period ranging from one hour to one year. Awfis has office spaces in different cities. While posing the challenge of gaining maximum space efficiency, Debora Emert, Design Director – Nelson India designed a fun, vibrant and new age workplace in Bengaluru.
Amit Ramani
Debora Emert

Since the health and well-being of individuals has always taken center stage at Awfis, the aim was to design and provide a space that is vibrant and minimal, at the same time a well-defined collaboration area with interesting furniture, installations, flexible settings for events, enclosed spaces with good acoustics, flexible meeting areas that can be easily reconfigured. Major emphasis was on setting up compact and cozy meeting lounges with comfortable furniture for the members.

The design allows for natural light to filter through the space. The work-space has elements that bring the outdoors in. “We are in the process of developing a futuristic space that resonates with new age India”, says Amit Ramani.

The building and work-space are designed with a robust technology integrated with physical elements, furniture keeping in mind the heath and well – being and big data & analytics ensuring mass customization as well as individual driven solutions.

“In order to address the same, we have set up a centralized collaboration zone that acts like a central town square with activity based settings. It provides space users with various options for their tasks. The neighborhood concept for work areas with space efficient sliding door systems creates dense work areas maximizing the space. Innovative visual barriers through the space creates pockets of activity zones and moments of surprise through the space.”

The overall inspirational graphics allows the brand vocabulary to depict while creating a communication and way finding system through the space. Keeping in mind the fact that the office work-spaces today are dynamic in nature and are witnessing rapid changes, Awfis style is bold, industrial and vibrant with new age materials, technology and decluttered design elements.

Innovative ideas included collapsible poly-carbonate screens that can easily be relocated; miniature airplane installation; environmental graphics; demountable partition system; artificial grass floor meeting space; sit & stand desk; ceiling suspended storage units; movable walls with self-adhesive acoustical cladding; sliding door system leading to space efficiency; monochromatic meeting rooms with matching floor and wall cladding; minimalist geometric glass decals and flooring with combination of concrete micro topping, vinyl, wooden, carpet etc.

Design Features

• Provides activity based settings that are futuristic, modern and enhance the productivity of its users
• The interior elements provide a variety of spaces that includes engaging break out zones, open collaboration zones, rock pods, cocoon, community area, meeting pods, lounges etc. in order to provide an environment that inspires and fosters innovation
• The use of appropriate lighting, ergonomic furniture and sustainable materials provide an environment that focuses on the health and wellbeing of its users
• The use of appropriate materials for flooring, ceiling and partitions creates an environment that is aesthetically appealing while delivering a superior work experience
• The floor layout provides various zones for quiet work zone, interactive collaborative zones and various meeting options supported by new age technology that allows users to be completely mobile, collaborate across centres and have effective work settings
• Designs are based on pan India design guidelines with an emphasis on optimum space utilization

Furniture Pieces:

The workspaces have multiple options encouraging individuals to sit, stand and be mobile during the work day by providing some of the following exclusive furniture pieces:

• Bespoke meeting pods
• Height adjustable workstations
• Custom designed storage units
• Ergonomic chairs with efficient lumbar support and seat sliding mechanism
• Campfire lounge seats
• Sledge back chairs
• Folding meeting tables that can be easily re-configured
• Flexible desk – sit &stand, flip-top desk for maximum flexibility
• In-house designed phone booth, meeting pods, Rock Pod and flexi desk

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