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Flexible Office Workstations

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Inspired by the steel reinforced bars and beams used in building architectural lines, I-Beam is the latest introduction by Artmatrix, a leading brand in modular furniture and chairs with manufacturing facilities in Malaysia. The product can create office modular workstations in various configurations like, linear, L-shaped, linear cluster of four, 1200 workstation, bench, conference table and combination of workstation and cabinets.

The fully aluminium die-cast with chamfered groove highlights the structural strength of the leg structure which can be configured in a variety of angles, from 600 to 3000 to provide the flexibility in designing the workplace. Table bush applied on the table beam acts as a connector for the table top and create a floating effect. Also, the discreet cable distribution in I-Beam, manages cables underneath the workstation by using the adjustable wire tray that is hooked to the metal beam with plastic holder. I-Beam straight leg is equipped with nylon wire holder clips for vertical wire management.

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