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Floor Protection during Construction

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DURAfloorprotector is an innovative, cost effective, new generation product introduced by the Supreme Industries Ltd. for protection of different type of floors. Ajay Mohta, General Manager Construction Accessories Division briefs.

Need for floor protection product

While doing the interiors of any project, flooring is completed prior to electrical or plumbing work. During these works, scratches can develop even resulting in breaking of tiles / flooring due to dragging of heavy equipment. As 25% of the interior cost involves floorings, it is necessary to protect the floors till the total interior work is completed. Traditionally, Plaster of Paris (PoP) was used for this particular application but not only laying and removing of PoP is a time consuming and a tedious activity but, it also generates harmful dust.

The Alternative

DURAfloorprotector is an innovative technology that provides universal cushioned flooring protection for all kinds of floors and surfaces. It is a closed-cell; polymer based microcellular foam composed of thousands of cells trapped in the foam, with the reinforcement of high performance polymer which helps to resist all types of pressure imparted. The product offers hassle-free application process compared to PoP, rosin paper, plastic runners or drop cloths. It does not absorb paint, oil, grease or any cleaning agents.


DURAfloorprotector keeps floors safe from damage and debris and its anti-slip properties provide a safe work environment. It is a reusable, reversible surface protection for concrete, marble, granite and other counter surfaces. It also provides cushioned universal floor protection during construction for hardwood, ceramic tile, linoleum and carpet floors as well as sinks and tubs and walkways and decks during building or remodeling. The product is flexible; can be cut to fit in any space and works well on either side – vacuum or sweep clean and reusable. It is environment friendly, inert and does not promote growth of bacteria and fungi.

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