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Flooring solutions for Healthcare

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Forbo Flooring showcased the marmoleum® – Sustainable flooring solutions for healthcare at the Green Building Congress 2012. Marmoleum is a natural product derived from controlled renewable raw materials. The product is durable, can withstand heavy loads and indoor wheeled traffic. The product is effective and natural bacteriostatic flooring. The bacteria protect layer on the flooring radically stops bacterial growth by Catalytic oxidation (rupture with the oxygen source), reaction with cell membranes (rupture with energy source) and liaison with the DNA (rupture with replication). Marmoleum topshiled provide growth inhibition of staphylococcus aureus bacteria including MRSA strains and Listeria monocytogenes.

Developed specifically for marmoleum, Topshield is an advanced two-layer water-based surface finish that protects floors, keeping them looking good and easy to maintain. Dry buffing enhances the performance of the product. Total or spot renovation is possible and even cigarette burns can be removed easily.

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