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Flushing station with Hygiene+ function

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Maintaining drinking water quality is a top priority in every drinking water installation. This is especially true for properties with foreseeable interruptions in usage such as in hotels or hospitals when rooms remain vacant. Stagnation then becomes a problem. To ensure regular exchange of water in such cases, Viega GmbH & Co. has developed a flushing station with Hygiene+ function.

The flushing station is installed in the unit at the end of a serial piping system or anywhere in a ring piping system.This constantly guarantees water exchange when intended use is interrupted.The intelligent control electronics of the flushing station facilitates uses,temperature & time oriented actuation with indivisual flushing volume.

Introduced at the world-leading ISH trade fair in Frankfurt, the flushing station can be installed in the unit at the end of a serial piping system or anywhere in a ring piping system. This individually programmable device automatically drains stagnant water and therefore prevents the spread of microorganisms in the drinking water installation.

Maintaining drinking water quality must always be individually regulated, as there are multiple variations in terms of installation or usage. Preventive measures must therefore be targeted and not applied across the board for the entire drinking water installation. That is also the approach of the Hygiene+ concept from Viega to maintain drinking water quality. This concept includes planning and installation of the drinking water quality plant as well as its operation. It can be universally installed and is freely fitted in a ring piping system or at the end of a serial pipe system. In cold and hot water installations, this device guarantees water exchange in accordance with regulations for freely selectable flushing volumes.

Water exchange in accordance with needs: The flushing station with Hygiene+ function can be installed in dry construction frameworks, in front of the wall or as a concealed installation, Assembly is just as simple as for an electric flow through heater: the flushing station is set as a default in the factory, but can also be individually adjusted at any time.

Local water exchange is then according to use, temperature or on a time setting via integrated and freely programmable control electronics. The stagnation flush is only actuated when absolutely necessary and only the right amount of drinking water is used to ensure complete water exchange in the section of the piping system in danger of stagnation. Since the stagnant water is drained de-centrally and not in the riser pipe or through other units, the spread of microorganisms can be prevented.

Well-planned intrinsic safety: The Viega flushing station is fitted with a sensor that in the case of back pressure effectively prevents damage due to replacement water. Additionally, an alarm can be triggered. Connection to the building services management system is via the electronic interface of the control electronics and a full activity report can also be obtained. Each step in the flushing process is therefore easier to oversee and is transparent.



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