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French designer doors in India

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The France-based Euradif specializes in design, manufacturing and marketing of decorative insert door panels in PVC, aluminum, and glass and main doors in PVC, aluminum, composite & wood. It also manufactures security doors in various designs, stainless steel accessories and automatic control systems Jean-Gabriel Creton, CEO Euradif SAS talks to Buildotech about Company’s expansion plans in India.

Company background and international presence

Euradif SAS was created in 1994, in France. It originally specialized in decorative insert door panels’ segment for uPVC entrance doors. Soon, we started producing collection of decorative insert door panels for aluminum doors, composite entrance doors, aluminum entrance doors and security doors. The company has two production units, both located in Bethune and Godewaersvelde, north of France. Today we are one of the leading companies in France with products sold all over Europe. We are now exploring new markets such as China, where we recently started marketing aluminum entrance doors and security doors in the high-end segment. India too seems highly promising for our uPVC insert door panels ranges.

Company’s products & manufacturing

Euradif expertise, in particular is related to bonding and assembly techniques of different components. Our products are developed and tested within our laboratory, guarantying the required performance of our customers. We are also highly involved in the permanent creation (elaboration) of new design’s collections, related to the entrance doors, which is considered to be an accessory of fashion and identification for home. The company is also sensitive toward protection of the environment and we have put in place a selective waste sorting which allows an optimization or re-use of those products, to give them a “second life”

Potential of Indian market for Euradif products

In India, we have noticed a real interest of business to business actors in the uPVC carpentry, for our insert door panels’ collection. We are indeed going to create and open a representative office in India in the near future. Our associates will be in charge of animating our sales network in India, constituting of industrial uPVC carpentry companies. They will market our range of decorative insert door panels, allowing them to answer quickly to the customers’ needs.

We are also going to introduce a new communication tool to allow the final customer to personalize and create his own uPVC entrance door, and to be in direct contact with our Indian network partners’ members. We have evaluated the potential output of the Indian market to tens of thousands of insert door panels for 2015, and more to come for the upcoming years.

Company’s marketing strategy for India

The Indian market is a market to discover, and we are conscious of the efforts we would need to put with our Indian partners in order to get our products related with the Indian consumer’ desires. We have had this experience in Europe, and we are ready to sustain the challenge. One of our challenges is related to the future on-line release of our “configurator” of doors destined to a B2C public. Our configurator called “my sweet door” will allow the final customer to personalize his own door, from his place and to get in contact with a member of our local network.

With our interactions at various business exhibitions and meets in the last 18 months, we are now certain of Indian market’s acceptance of Euradif SAS uPVC and aluminum insert door panels. We are currently in touch with several Indian companies.

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