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Generating Energy from Earth

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Geothermal heat pumps technology is perfect for any building. It’s known as a space conditioning technology, tapping the most resourceful energy from the earth below. Defying the unconditional ambient outside temperature, with near to constant lower earth temperatures, it makes a perfect match to any space conditioning solution to any building. Geothermal Heat pumps clubbed with earth technology is also widely known as a Ground Source heat pumps Technology (GSHP)

The Earth receives heat from the sun. Underground temperatures remain constant between 18°C to 22°C year round in any part of the world. A Ground Source Heat pump (GSHP) technology receives the temperature variations from the ground to economically heat or cool any space, provide portable domestic hot water and produce pure drinking water depending on the regions it is installed.

In summer, the earth acts as a heat sink. The lower temperatures received a few meters below the surface of the earth, acts as an enhanced source for cooling homes or any commercial dwelling. The heat extracted from the conditioned spaces, instead of expelling it into the outside ambient air, is dissipated into to the earth’s soil a few meters below. In winter the stored heat in the earth is used to heat homes.

Utilizing the natural earth’s resource, clubbing it with a heat pump and distributing the air for space air-conditioning is an ideal solution for saving the environment. The energy consumed is nearly 60% less when compared with any other type of air-conditioning system. This very concept has made it the most sought after renewable energy technology. EPA and DOE endorse it as the most reliable and sustainable, environment friendly solution.


The working of system comes from the closed loop buried pipe and a water source heat pump with the help of a distribution system which extracts sufficient energy from the earth to satisfy all requirements.

A GSHP System comprises a ground source to acts as a heat source or heat sink known as the Ground heat Exchanger, a Heat pump for providing space heating or cooling, Circulating water pumps combined to Hydronics for water management and an Air distribution system.

The heat pump system uses the earth’s natural ability to store heat. When space cooling is required the heat form the building‘s interior is rejected to the earth. When space heating is required the heat is extracted from the earth, processed through the compressor and refrigeration system and delivered to the building as heat.

The fluctuating temperature variation of the outside ambient air to that of constant temperature received from the untapped source of the earth below surface area is the core aspect to this technology.

Furthermore, to integrate the geothermal systems with conventional energy system of a building, our company offers an optional solution of using Heat pumps in place of Chillers for energy efficiency, to generate hot water and provide pure drinking water through a process certified by W.H.O – World health organisation.

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