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German company to supply pumps for coal-fired power plant

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KSB Aktiengesellschaft in Frankenthal, Germany will be supplying 16 pumps to a coal-fired power plant located south-east of Pune, Maharashtra. The two supercritical power plant 660-megawatt units in Solapur are being built by India’s national energy authority. The contract includes delivery of four large turbine-driven duty pumps, four smaller start-up and stand-by pumps driven by electric motors, and eight booster pumps. The duty pumps’ maximum flow rate is 1,265 cubic metres per hour. The highest head as per project specifications is around 3,675 metres, and the operating temperature is 1900C.

The maximum input power of one of the turbine-driven boiler feed pumps ranges at 13,200 kilowatts depending on the operating point. Each boiler feed pump is supplied with the required inlet pressure via its own booster pump. The total weight of a complete unit of this type is between 40 and 50 tonnes. The Frankenthal-based pump manufacturer has successfully equipped the Indian power plants Sipat and Barh, operated by the same energy utility, with pumps and valves.


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