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“Glocally” Impressive

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Based in Delhi Rohit + Matin has an objective to provide detailed and comprehensive design solutions through a process of understanding the client, their needs and their vision. Creativity, quality control and time management being key essentials of operation, Rohit + Matin Architects today is not only lauded for technical and aesthetic creations in the hospitality industry but is also strongly acclaimed and hold experience in the field of restaurants, lounges, bars, clubs, corporate offices, retails as well as high-end residences.

In business, opposites may be said to repel each other than attract each other, but if at all they do, they must complement each other. Such is the paradox relationship of architects Rohit and Matin seemingly opposite but yet are interconnected and interdependent, much like the natural dualities of light and dark, hot and cold or day and night.

One embodies the yearning for more pronounced expression, the other articulates in a subtle fashion. It is a way of life with the duo; on the face of it they hold seemingly opposing viewpoints, they manifest themselves as contrary forces, on closer observation they supplement each other in many ways, thus interacting amongst themselves to form a dynamic system where the whole is greater than the parts.

To put things in perspective, they truly complement each other despite their divergent views culminating into fresh viewpoints and fabulous creations. Each is a partner in the wings enabling views to conclude on a common platform for only the very best results and nothing less. This spurs lateral thinking, new view points and great creations, truly made for each other, bestowing a landmark partnership.

The firm’s design process does not follow a predictable pattern; every new assignment offers a chance to re-think design from conceptual level and resolve ideas into a unique designed space. A renowned presence in India with a global flair, unparalleled vision and an eye for detail makes Rohit+Matin Architects the “GO TO” design team.

The WAY, Dhaka

An integral cornerstone in the Bangladesh capital, The WAY harnesses urbane, modern and chic through contemporary architecture and thoughtful design. An interesting brief from a client in Dhaka led to a new perspective and approach to hotel design. Proving that international star rated hotel standards can be perfectly matched in an extraordinary compact boutique hotel with all facilities, the guest comfort and offerings through innovative solutions and a holistic approach. Set in the gloriously noisy and chaotic scene The WAY is stunningly the first of its kind property that presents its visitors with complex visual narrative of its own, one that is housed in a smartly converted building that retains its original skeleton yet is augmented by the facade featuring modern lines and a palette of grey and white to convey a modern gem of contemporary cool.

Situated in one of the affluent neighbourhoods, Gulshan 2 in Dhaka, The WAY offers a discreet and luxurious hideaway amid the bustle of the plush high society. 40 rooms boutique property (comprising of 9 floors on 5000 square feet parcel of land), The WAY has been conceived to be using space planning and available resources in the best possible ways to bring about an interesting array of rooms and facilities. Away from routine design approach, interesting F&B ideas and the first ever compact 2-sided infinity edge rooftop pool in Dhaka are all put together to showcase a well thought-of product.

Using the limited space and its overall pocket size to advantage, the entire planning has been smartly done by stacking all the hotel services for an easy access to maintain as well as smoothly control the same. Infused with contemporary style and an urban soul, the overall provisions, be it the staff facilities all the way to the guest comfort facilities translate the vitality to this boutique hotel.

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