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Go Smart The Digital Way

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Padamraj K Bagrecha, MD of Bangalore based Dimension Digital Controlls, shares with Buildotech how innovative technological platforms in home automation are gaining higher mileage in today’s time. He states that in about 36 – 60 months, the concept of home automation will become a default feature in most of the new constructions along with existing structures.

Home automation is automating home activities by using intelligent terminals to control home appliances and equipment that is not limited to centralised control of lighting, security checks/locks for home access, HVAC control and others. This market is driven by increasing demand of energy efficient solutions and rising security concerns. The growth opportunities for home automation market are also due to increasing adoption of automated services and government incentives for green initiatives. An automated home provides numerous benefits to end-user such as reduced energy spending, security from theft and protection from unauthorised access to a home.

From the application perspective, the market is classified into segments such as lighting, safety & security, entertainment and energy management. Safety & security applications exceed the entertainment applications due to rising security concerns among the masses. With increased consumer spending on luxury items, HVAC and energy management services adoption is expected to increase as well.

Digilux Systems in the home automation segment comes with the latest in android and iOS applications that gives control over your home in your absence. At the heart of everything is the advanced gateway that’s embedded with artificial intelligence to decipher signals from various sources like lights, entertainment and security. A centralised control system is there that’s robust and smart. Seamless integration is done to third party devices, appliances entertainment systems is made possible with a range of  infra-red blasters and RGB controllers. Regardless of what brands you have at home, these systems will synchronise into their systems like nothing else.

The Indian Home Automation Market Current Scenario

Growth potential for home/building automation system is vertical. Currently in most of the metros and tier 1 & 2 cities, home automation has become a default part of many housing projects. Over the next couple of years (within 36-60 months),reduced cost of implementation and ease of incorporation of the system will change the entire scenario of the current electrical market getting upgraded on the automation platform.

Compared to the Western and other prominent global markets, Indian market for home automation systems have taken a while to gear up. Till about a couple of years back, the industry was dominated by a few OEMs, with extremely high price points and proprietary platforms; but over the years with the emergence and growth of multiple OEMs with various solutions and price points, via which acceptance of the concept of home automation is gaining higher mileage. Most of the people in India believe that home automation is only restricted to security cameras and burglar alarm systems. However, the awareness is getting a lot better and architects and interior designers are more inclined on educating and pursuing their clients on implementing home automation solutions in their premises. The major challenge is that there are not  enough automation system integrators who can provide the right to information about the systems available and their implications.

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