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Goldmedal launches I-home automation

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Goldmedal one of India’s leading electrical switches manufacturers has launched the home automation systems ‘I-home automation’ which operates on a unique RF operated remote within the house. One can use smartphone, laptop or any other smart device to operate these devices from within as well as outside the house through an IP router. And by synchronizing the switches to the ‘i-Home Gateway’ application, the home owner can access the application from anywhere in the globe, using smartphone or tablet. What’s more, the transformation from the regular home to i-automation is designed to be least ‘intrusive’ requiring only change the switches and no re-wiring.

I-Home automation system requires one-time programming of RF devices with Remote control and the I-Home Gateway application for remote and scheduled operations. The Remote control is ergonomically designed to easily fit into your palm. Switches can be retrofitted into existing wiring and controlled using a Remote Control and the I-Home Gateway application.


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