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Green Absorption Chillers

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Bry-Air (Asia) has launched Adsorption Chiller (range: 35 to 1180 kW). The Bry-Air Adsorption Chiller based on an innovative green technology will be manufactured in India under license from Power Partners, Inc., USA. It provides Energysmart Cooling using waste heat and is a first ever product in India to tap the abundant low grade waste heat available in process industries for process cooling or airconditioning (HVAC). This eco-friendly solution also cuts down CO2 emission and reduces energy expenses.

The chillers use energy from waste heat, with negligible electricity consumption to provide chilled water for process cooling and air conditioning and they do this with “green” refrigerant (water) and desiccant (silica gel). The other advantages are ultra-low electricity consumption, negligible noise & vibration and maintenance and life expectancy of more than 20 years. The chiller is suitable for process industries like power plants, F&B, chemical manufacturers and for commercial areas like offices, building, hotels, malls, etc.

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