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Green Building Materials Centres

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ACC recently set up Green Building Material Centres in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan to provide affordable housing to the rural populace. The centres educate the rural population, particularly low cost builders in construction techniques, use of eco-friendly building materials and create business opportunities for them to network with local government and community. These centres familiarize customers with rural construction techniques and functions as one-stop shop for locally produced, easy to use, reasonably priced construction products like bricks, tiles, pavers and similar items. The centres give training on how to produce and apply these products in the rural context and have well-equipped quality laboratories to monitor product quality. The industrial machines at the centres enable end-users to manufacture products themselves and thus save costs.

The company plans to set up ten such centres to reach out to a larger customer base. These Centres will encourage sustainable construction techniques (hence the “green” in the name). with materials produced from local resources and waste material.

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